Welcome to Swim The World!

Hi and welcome to Swim The World, a travel website for passionate swimmers.

I’m Seana Smith, a slow swimmer, always keen to get wet.

I was born and brought up in Scotland, learned to swim in Portobello Baths and was often found splashing in the chilly waters of Herbridean beaches. So beautiful but so cold.

Now Australia is home to myself, husband and four kids; heaven for swimmers.

Do you love a decent hotel pool?

Do you swim for your sanity? For strength?

Are you a beginner?  A long distance athlete?

Do you love wild swimming or ocean swimming as we say here Down Under?

Me too!

You will find all sorts of places to swim on this blog, and a community of swimmers who love to explore the world and swim.

And leave each country and each pool and waterway a better place.