There are some fantastic resources for swimming in the UK.

The Outdoor Swimming Society

First and foremost, the website of the Outdoor Swimming Society. There’s so much to read on this website, all sorts of swimming articles, you’ll meet the most diverse bunch of wild swimming enthusiasts and you’re bound to be wildly inspired.

Click here for the Outdoor Swimming Society website.


Wild Swim

Wild Swim is a crowd-sourced wild swim map, created by the Outdoor Swimming Society.

Find the Wild Swim map here.


Wild Swimming Guides

Then there are the Wild Swimming Guides. There’s a terrific website which offers articles, apps and hard copy books.

Find the Wild Swimming website here


The Lido Guide

Published in 2019, this is a guide to the UK’s outdoor swimming pools, known as lidos. Written after many swimming expeditions by Janet Wilkinson and Emma Pusill, this has been a labour of love which has found a large and enthusiastic audience.